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Sun State: Does CBD Oil Help With Epileptic Seizures?

There have been many excited rumblings in recent years about the potential benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD. People have been encouraged by this cannabinoid’s relieving properties, and CBD is now a multi-billion dollar industry. The most common uses of CBD are relief from anxiety, pain, and insomnia, but the next exciting possibility is seizure reduction. 

Does CBD oil help reduce epileptic seizures?

The short answer is yes. New FDA-approved CBD medications on the market have been shown to ease epileptic seizures and reduce the overall number of seizures experienced. The longer answer is that it’s actually a bit complicated. For starters, there are different kinds of epilepsy, and the most common types, such as focal epilepsy, are far less responsive to these new CBD drugs. 

There is also a difference in the CBD used. Studies pertaining to the effects of CBD on epilepsy have always used highly refined CBD produced by pharmaceutical companies, and there is no research into the efficacy of CBD produced in other environments. The CBD industry is largely unregulated, and there are many different strains of CBD available.

Overall the outlook is positive. We’ve seen in numerous trials the potential for CBD oil to aid with seizure reduction, but it is important not to overstate what is right now very promising research. Seizures are a very serious condition, and a CBD treatment should never be attempted without medical approval from a doctor. The medical community is making slow but steady strides towards adopting CBD oil as a potential treatment for epilepsy, so do not be afraid to broach the subject with your doctor.  

CBD oil versus prescription medication

Some surveys have spotted high rates of medicine renunciation in CBD users, and indeed, kicking prescription drugs is often a goal for people who try CBD remedies. However, it is essential that you never cease prescription medication use without your doctor’s approval. CBD research is still relatively new, and while it has been shown to have many benefits, CBD has not been proven to cure any diseases or conditions. If you use CBD to treat anxiety, pain, seizures, or any other issue, be aware that you may not be addressing the underlying cause of your problems. Bring your doctor on board with your CBD regimen from the beginning so they can safely monitor your progress. 

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