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Sun State: Does CBD Work for Chronic Pain Management?

Over 20 percent of the adult American population experience chronic pain of some sort. Whether it is arthritis, chronic back pain or an aching head, pain is common. Chronic pain is often treated with painkillers, anti-inflammatories and other drugs. But these treatments can have unintended side effects and some become less effective with time. CBD has recently been touted as a potential alternative for chronic pain management. But how does it work, and what CBD products are the best choice for chronic pain?


CBD oil encourages the human body to produce its own endocannabinoids, and to utilize its endocannabinoid system more efficiently. Endocannabinoids are responsible for a wide range of neuromodulatory roles, including regulating the body’s sleep, pain reception and immune system. Rather than directly block pain, CBD instead encourages your body to deal with it on its own. 

Chronic pain and inflammation

Multiple studies have shown support for the theory that CBD oil reduces inflammation and pain symptoms by targeting certain glycine receptors. Conditions like multiple sclerosis and arthritis may be eased with CBD oil. Better yet, the human body does not appear to develop a tolerance to CBD like it can with some pain relievers, and the side effects of CBD are known to be extremely mild and rare. 

How to take CBD

With its rising popularity, there are now more ways than ever to consume CBD. It can be inhaled, eaten or administered topically. For chronic pain due to inflammation, topical creams work well, though inhalation is the fastest method of getting CBD into the bloodstream. Many who use CBD for chronic pain choose topical applications or add CBD oil to their diets.

When to treat pain with CBD

If you are experiencing chronic pain, CBD may be able to help you, especially if traditional medications are not working, or if their side-effects are too much. 

CBD is a safe way to manage many types of chronic pain. However, it cannot replace medical advice from your doctor. CBD will not treat the underlying cause of chronic pain, merely the symptoms. A full diagnosis from a medical professional should always be your first step. Tell your doctor if you plan on starting a CBD regimen for chronic pain and never stop taking a prescribed medication without your doctor’s knowledge. 

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