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Mystery Box

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If this is your first-time buying CBD products, you may be feeling overwhelmed and not know where to start. Allow us to help you with a mystery box, which allows us to surprise you with a carefully selected bundle of our premium CBD products.

Our Sun State Hemp Mystery boxes comes in 5 different categories. Once you select a box, we will randomly pick out a balanced selection of CBD items for you to try, that won’t break your bank.


When ordering a Mystery box, you should know the following:

  1. The items you are receiving are of a higher value than the retail value you will be paying. In fact, most products will be discounted by 50% or more when purchasing a mystery box!
  2. We will choose a variety of products from the category you selected. The items that are picked will be at the sole discretion of Sun State Hemp.
  3. All mystery box sales are final. There will be no return option, however, if there are any issues with your product, we will be happy to assist you!
  4. We may review your order history for some insight into your previous purchasing history. This enables us to craft you a more personalized Mystery box that fits your needs!

Are you ready to unravel the mystery in the box?


Joe 12/16/2019
tons of great products in my box, great value for the money, would definitely buy again!!!
Sam 12/16/2019
The mystery box is actually a great value. I'll admit, I was expecting one of their latest products when I ordered my box, but after receiving it I realize that was kind of silly of me to think. However, what I got was worth 5x the value I paid, even if it wasn't the latest thing. I would definitely recommend a mystery box!!!!
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