Lab Reports

CBD Crumble
CBD Crumble
CBD Gummies
180 Apple Rings 6 Count Bag
180 Blue Raspberry Rings 6 Count Bag
180 Peach Rings 6 Count Bag
180 Strawberry Rings 6 Count Bag
500mg Gummy Bears
500mg Sour Packs
500mg Sour Strips
500mg Gummy Worms
750mg Apple Rings
750mg Blue Raspberry Rings
750mg Fruit Slices
750mg Peach Rings
750mg Strawberry Rings
750mg Organic Gummy Bears (Vegan)
750mg Organic Gummy Worms (Vegan)
750mg Organic Fruit Slices (Vegan)
1150mg Gummy Bears
1150mg Gummy Worms
1150mg Sour Strips
1150mg Sour Packs
1150mg Organic Gummy Bears (Vegan)
1150mg Organic Gummy Worms (Vegan)
1150mg Organic Fruit Slices( Vegan )
1500mg Apple Rings
1500mg Strawberry Rings
1500mg Peach Rings
1500mg Blue Raspberry Rings
1500mg Fruit Slices
1500mg Organic Gummy Bears (Vegan)
1500mg Organic Gummy Worms (Vegan)
1500mg Organic Fruit Slices (Vegan)
CBD Pain Cream and Lotion
Hand and Body Lotion
Pain Cream
Hemp Seed & MCT Oil
350mg Hemp Seed Oil
600mg Hempseed Oil
1000mg Hempseed Oil
350mg MCT Oil
600mg MCT Oil
1000mg MCT Oil
500mg Full spectrum
1000mg Full spectrum
1500mg Full spectrum
Pet Care
Pet Spray
Pet Treats
150mg Full spectrum tincture-bacon
150mg Full spectrum tincture-salmon
10mg Chewable tablets
15mg Chewable tablets
10mg Liquid capsules
15mg Liquid capsules
Vape Liquids
350mg Vape Juice
600mg Vape Juice
1000mg Vape Juice
Bath Bombs
35mg CBD Bath bombs