HHC/THCP Disposable Vape -  2ml 1800mg | Sun State HempHHC/THCP Disposable Vape -  2ml 1800mg | Sun State Hemp
HHC/THCP Disposable Vape -  2ml 1800mg | Sun State Hemp

HHC/THCP Disposable Vape - 2ml 1800mg

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What better way to enjoy the high-flying combination of THC-P and HHC than with uplifting Wedding Cake terpenes?

Key Facts
  • Approximately 1800mg of HHC derived from Hemp, and 1mg of THC-P
  • Approximately 200-300 puffs
  • Balanced Wedding Cake terpenes offer creative vibes with an uplifting tone
  • Rechargeable vape pen
  • Lab Tested for purity and quality
  • Tobacco-Free, Nicotine-Free


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This product is legal in all 50 states!
Savor a blend of the intense combination of HHC and THC-P in these Disposable Vapes. The unique Wedding Cake terpenes offer an enlightening sensation without the deeper ‘stuck on the couch’ vibes of other terpenes. These Disposables are designed to offer that “kick back all night long” vibe thanks to the combination of 1800mg of HHC and a potent cherry-on-top 2mg of THC-P. Plus, each device is tobacco-free and nicotine-free for your satisfaction. Ready to unwind like never before? Enjoy our HHC+THC-P disposables today.
Draw from disposable vape with an even pull.
Approx. 1800mg of HHC and 1mg of THC-P. Approximately 200-300 puffs. Not refillable – dispose of device when empty.
Battery Capacity
280-350mAh. Device is charged via the Micro-USB charging port. Do not leave unattended while charging. Charging takes approximately 1-2 hours. Cable not Included.
HHC, THC-P, and Natural Terpenes
WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider before taking if you are pregnant, nursing or have any medical concerns. Do not operate heavy machinery after use. Do not take if allergic to hemp, HHC or related products. Product & statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Store device in a cool and dry environment. For at-home use only. Underage Sale Prohibited. Not Intended for Ingestion – Do Not Eat.
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