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CBD Treats for Cats – Product Spotlight

It’s time for us to shine our spotlight on another of our favorite products – our CBD treats for cats! Sun State Hemp recognizes that while most of the attention falls on our canine companions (is it fair that cats don’t get the “best friend” title but dogs do?), we like to show some love to our feline friends too. That’s where our CBD treats for cats come in. Tailored to the tastes of your purring pets, these treats bring together the goodness of American-grown hemp, a burst of seafood flavor, and plenty of pure CBD to keep your furry friends delighted.

  • Crunchy and Delicious Taste

Each treat offers a symphony of rich ocean-inspired flavor, creating a purr-worthy experience with every bite. The seafood flavor isn’t just tempting for your feline friend; it’s downright irresistible.

  • Potent CBD Concentration

Available in 200mg and 400mg concentrations per jar, these treats pack a punch of CBD goodness. Sourced from American-grown hemp, our CBD is a promise of quality and reliability, crafted with your pet’s well-being in mind.

  • Non-Toxic Formula for your pet, peace of mind for you

Your cat’s safety is our top priority. We craft our treats for cats with the same high standard as our regular CBD products. All of our CBD treats are formulated to be non-toxic, ensuring a worry-free experience that enhances their overall wellness without compromising on safety.

  • Guaranteed Analysis of the Good Stuff

Every jar comes labeled with a Guaranteed Analysis, detailing the Protein-Fat-Fiber content as well as other key vitamins and minerals. Transparency is key, and we want you to know exactly what your feline friend is indulging in.

  • Cat Treats with a Taurine Boost

Recognizing the unique needs of cats, we’ve made sure to include taurine in our cat treats. This essential amino acid promotes heart health and is critical for their wellbeing. We pride ourselves on our mindfulness and ensuring your cat’s wellness always comes first.

cbd treats for cats - 200mg mix

The Best CBD Treats for Cats – Done the Sun State Way

So there you have it! Sun State Hemp’s CBD Treats for Cats aren’t just treats; they’re a gesture of love and care for your feline companion. Elevate their treat time with a blend of flavors, wellness benefits, and a touch of CBD satisfaction. Because when it comes to your cat’s well-being, we believe in nothing short of purr-fection.

Check out the latest Sun State Hemp pet treats and more on our website, and discover the latest and greatest in hemp and CBD on our New Arrivals page today!

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