How Many Shisha Flavors Are There?

Is Delta 8 Shisha the bomb or what? What is Shisha? How Many Shisha Flavors Are There? Does it get you high?

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Shisha flavors come in a wide variety, and everyone has a favorite. In case you haven’t tried it, shisha falls in the tobacco category and also as an herbal product. People smoke it using a hookah or water pipe. This blog post addresses the different shisha flavors available and shares more about some of the most popular flavors. When you go shopping at reputable retailers, dispensaries and online at Sun State Hemp you’ll find a plethora of flavors from which to choose, each with their own distinct appeal.

Most Popular Shisha Flavors


Mint-flavored shisha flavors the tobacco used when smoking with a hookah. Sometimes people prefer to mask the taste of tobacco. Mint is one flavor that helps do that, making it a popular choice for those new to hookah smoking. Some people consider mint to have a surprisingly strong kick. Mixing it with other shisha flavors may be a solution. When mint mixes with different flavors, smokers of all experience levels enjoy unique flavors. In addition to its refreshing taste, mint features a robust menthol taste sensation. Some smokers like the refreshing menthol ‘kick’ while using shisha. That makes mint one of the more popular shisha flavors when compared to other menthol products.

Sun State Hemp offers six flavors of Delta 8 Shisha, including mighty mint, if you’re curious about enjoying mint in a whole new way!


Grape shisha features grape extract that helps flavor the tobacco. Many varieties exist, including white grape, red grape and blue grape. Often, grape is used in combination with other fruit-flavored tobaccos, complements apples and strawberries. It produces a sweet and fragrant smoke that some people describe as being similar to the taste of wine. People often enjoy grape shisha before or after meals.


Strawberry shisha typically mixes with molasses or honey and also flavored fruit juices, spices, or other flavorings. Hookah smokers really enjoy strawberry flavors in their smoking experience. The sweetness of the strawberries helps offset the harshness of the tobacco. This flavored tobacco can be found at most hookah cafes. Strawberry-flavored shisha is best enjoyed after dinner with dessert. Everyone loves strawberries, so this popular flavor delivers a refreshingly soft taste sensation when compared to the more intense mint flavors.


If you’re looking for a unique shisha flavor, try peach! This delicious fruit provides a refreshing and slightly sweet taste, perfect for summertime smoking. Peach shisha is also relatively easy to find at most online and brick-and-mortar tobacco retailers. To add a unique twist to your shisha, try including small pieces of fresh or frozen peach fruit in your base! Be sure to cut the fruit into small pieces to fit comfortably in your bowl, and clean it thoroughly after use. A few slices of lemon or lime also enhances the flavor. Whether you’re enjoying a summer barbecue or just seeking an escape from every day, peach provides a pleasurable smoking experience.


Apple shisha delivers a smooth, sweet smoking experience perfect for any occasion. Its distinctive sweet flavor is reminiscent of green apples with their slight tartness. The tart and sweet-sour flavors of apple make it a popular choice for those who enjoy fruit-flavored shisha. In addition, the sweetness of apple pairs well with mint, making it a refreshing option for summertime smoking. For any occasion, perhaps a leisurely smoke session with friends or a backyard party, apple shisha provides that flavorful addition to hookah night.

One of the most popular shisha flavors at Sun State Hemp is double apple, available online along with a variety of other flavored-shisha blends. This sweet and tangy flavored shisha is also infused with CBD Oil. Like Sun State Hemp’s other shisha products, Double Apple comes with zero nicotine and is tobacco free. This herbal blend creation features honey, cane molasses, hemp extract, glycerin, and flavorings, all combined to offer the relaxing benefits of CBD and hemp. Sun State Hemp’s Double Apple Shisha is specially crafted to provide a smooth and flavorful smoke with every bowl. You’ll find 200mg of high-quality CBD in each can purchased.


Vanilla shisha is made from the addition of natural or artificial vanilla extract to shisha. This popular flavoring paired with other fruits and flavors is a popular choice. These combinations deliver sweeter shisha flavors, while highlighting vanilla’s inherit richness. Conjure up in your mind a blend of fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream, and you’ll understand a unique way to blend flavors together.

Because of the soothing and smooth taste of vanilla, many consider it as one of the best shisha flavors  for beginners. In addition, the aroma of vanilla can be pleasant and relaxing. Whether you’re looking to try a new flavor or want to enjoy a classic, vanilla-flavored shisha is a staple.

CBD-infused Shisha

CBD-infused shisha provides a new and popular way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Unlike traditional shisha, made with tobacco leaves, CBD shisha is made with CBD-rich hemp oil, molasses and natural glycerin. This makes it a great option for those looking for a way to enjoy big clouds without the tobacco or nicotine. For this reason, CBD-infused shisha is an ideal choice for folks who enjoy the product. In addition to the great taste, CBD-infused shisha provides all of the same CBD benefits as other products, such as supporting energy levels, sleep and overall health.

When choosing a shisha flavor, your main consideration is about personal preferences, especially if you’re smoking in a group. To enjoy sweeter flavors, you might want to try a grape or strawberry. For less fruity flavors, then perhaps a mint, vanilla or chocolate flavor will be a good choice. There are an incredible amount of shisha flavors available. To try something different, you might select specially mixed flavors like Blueberry Mint that combine the sweetness of blueberries with that classic hit from mint.

Before you purchase shisha for your smoking pleasure, ensure that you identify a reputable manufacturer like Sun State Hemp. We offer quality products that adhere to strict standards and comprehensive, independent lab testing. Each of our products has its own lab report and quality control information available on our website for each product. If you have questions when buying shisha, email or call us. We are standing by to assist you.

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