Infusing your favorite healthy juice with Sun State Hemp CBD!

Happy National Green Juice Day!

Today is the perfect day to celebrate National Green Juice Day by infusing your favorite healthy habit with Sun State Hemp CBD! There are so many options to use when infusing your juice or smoothie with CBD, from a few dropper’s worth of full spectrum tinctures to honey sticks. You could also blend in some CBD Chewable Tablets to get your daily dose of relaxing CBD.

We’ve compiled our top three green juice recipes to help you utilize your Sun State Hemp products:

1. Soothing Morning Green Juice

Juice or blend cucumber, Granny Smith apple and lemon. Pour in one Sun State Hemp CBD Honey Stick.
2. Refresh-Mint
Juice or blend cucumber, mint, and grapefruit. Add one dropper of refreshing peppermint flavored Sun State Hemp Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.
3. Healthy Citrus Green Juice
Juice or blend lemon, lime, peeled orange, and a celery stalk. Add one dropper of orange blossom flavored Sun State Hemp Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. 
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  1. Dan White

    This article is a good read, and this is also one of those helpful articles, especially for people who just found out about CBD. At present, many people find CBD useful with their different needs. However, when you want to try CBD, remember to research it and consider many things. In this way, you know that you’ll be safe when using CBD. Aside from doing research. It would also help to consult a doctor or an expert to understand what you are taking, how to take it, and any other information you wanted and needed to know.

    – Dan White

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