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The Top Essential Vape Gear Equipment for 2019

Vaping has come a long way since the early days of low-quality e-cigarettes stocked on the back shelves of dingy gas stations. Today, there are more model and flavor options than ever before, and vaping has become an intensely personalized experience. Vaping has even expanded beyond traditional nicotine and has become a common method for consuming CBD. So as we head into the new year, here is the top essential vape gear equipment for 2019.

An Electro Dabber Kit

Dabbing CBD wax has been gaining popularity in recent years, but there is still plenty of reason to vape CBD in the traditional manner. Trying to decide which method to go for can be a tough choice. So why not get a machine that can do both?

An electro dabber kit can be used to dab wax consistency CBD products without packing or loading. Its heating chamber allows it to be loaded and used as a traditional vaping device. You’ll never have to fumble around between multiple devices again.

It’s fast, it’s elegant, and it’s easy. You can dab at home, or vape on the go. This kind of two-in-one device can do it all for you and still fit in the pocket of your jacket.

A stylish carrying case

A beautiful carrying case customized to fit your personality can really add to your vaping experience. Whether you’re traveling or just out and about, a case is a perfect way to protect your vape device. After all, they can be expensive, and the last thing you need is an ill-timed slip up to bust your rig in half.

It’s true that most people don’t strap their vape device into a carrying case just to go to work, but people looking for discretion or long distance travel should never be without a sturdy case. And the personalization options are endless: color, texture, style, size–whatever you want, you can likely find it.


The world is more connected than ever. Travel rates are up, and people are taking their vape devices with them. But those vape pens need to recharge their batteries now and then; there’s nothing worse than getting caught short while you’re away from home. Make sure you’re equipped with a few spare chargers that you can keep in your car or travel bag for times when you need one. And if you’re traveling internationally, remember that voltages differ between countries. You don’t want to fry your battery by plugging it into a foreign outlet without the proper adapter.

Travel information

Speaking of travel, the last few years have been tumultuous for the vaping industry, to say the least. While vaping has gained popularity, it has also gained enemies in the legislative world. Several countries have started heavily regulating vaping within their borders. In the last year, Hong Kong, Israel, and the state of California have joined the list of places with bans or heavy regulations on vaping.

These regulations tend to be poorly worded and non-specific. If you plan to travel internationally, be sure you’ve researched the laws in the areas you plan to visit and remember that to the average eye, a vape device filled with CBD is indistinguishable to one filled with nicotine or THC. So even if you’re not actually breaking any laws with your particular vape device, understand that you may still attract trouble in certain areas.

Why vape CBD?

CBD has been shown to have medical benefits. It is currently in use in several anti-seizure medications. Additional research suggests CBD may have beneficial effects on anxiety, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. So interest in consuming CBD has become quite common and its availability has skyrocketed. Physical retail stores, as well as online shops, are easy to access all over the United States. Until recently, however, these interests were realized mostly in the form of edibles, which still remain the most common method of CBD consumption. Vaping CBD, however, is fast starting to catch up.

Why are more and more people choosing to vape CBD in the first place? CBD is also available in edibles and topicals, but vaping is fast becoming one of the more popular consumption methods.

There are several benefits to vaping CBD concentrate and CBD wax. Many people enjoy its relative purity and strength. There is a higher concentration of CBD in wax as opposed to other concentrates and dabbing CBD wax gives you a high level of control over your exact dosage that other consumption methods don’t. Inhaling CBD also has a more immediate effect than other consumption methods. The CBD enters the bloodstream almost immediately, and so the effects are nearly instantaneous. People who use CBD for pain relief or to calm sudden anxiety often choose to vape as their preferred method of intake.

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