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Is CBD Isolate Safe to Use?

You might know a bit about CBD, but were you aware there are multiple types of CBD? One in particular is known as CBD Isolate, and as with any new term in the hemp and CBD space, there’s a lot of misinformation out there muddying the waters. So what exactly is CBD Isolate? Does it differ from regular CBD? How can you tell if what you’re buying is made with CBD Isolate? Cannabidiol is often hailed for its positive attributes and non-addictive nature, but does consuming CBD as an Isolate change that? The short answer is no, but there’s a bit more to it than that. 

What is CBD Isolate?

Before we make any sweeping conclusions about the safety of CBD Isolate, we should make sure everyone is on the same page. What exactly is CBD Isolate, and how does it differ from other CBD products? The answer is simple. It’s cannabidiol, and nothing else. What qualifies CBD to be called CBD Isolate is its purity. CBD Isolate has been extracted from the same hemp plants as traditional CBD, it is simply more refined. The definition is right there in the name: Isolate. The CBD has been Isolated from all other compounds and terpenes. This extra refinement means CBD Isolate is often over 99% pure CBD. It contains little-to-no left over organic plant matter or other compounds like “full-spectrum” CBD products might. 

Synthetic or natural?

Synthetic is a scary word, and many people try to avoid synthetic products. Judging by its name alone, CBD Isolate sure sounds like it might be synthetic, but the exciting news is it’s not. CBD Isolate comes directly from hemp.

Is CBD Isolate safe?

CBD in general has few known side effects, and is non-addictive. CBD Isolate has not shown itself to be any different. While the risk of minor side effects such as drowsiness or an upset stomach are still present, you can feel as confident in CBD Isolate the same as you would with any other reliably-made CBD product.

You should consult your doctor or another professional to determine the correct amount of CBD Isolate to take as well as the most helpful method of consumption. Many people take CBD Isolate as a component of other products, such as in gummies or part of topicals. CBD Isolate can also be used directly on its own as a tasteless white powder. While this taste-free aspect may be ideal for some, others find enjoying powdered CBD Isolate more desirable if it has been mixed into an oil or with honey. 

Why would someone want to use CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is often used when traditional, full-spectrum CBD products are unavailable or when people wish to add CBD to products that are low in CBD or don’t have it at all. It can be useful as well when individuals want a pure CBD product and a smaller chance of receiving the other cannabinoids (like THC) and ingredients that may be present in full or broad-spectrum products.

Many CBD products are made with CBD Isolate, and it is up to the consumer to stay alert and the manufacturer to remain transparent about the CBD content of their products. The sometimes-conflicting state and federal laws on hemp and CBD products, as well as the lack of more stringent regulation, have produced a great deal of confusion for CBD consumers. Thankfully, we at Sun State Hemp are committed to clear, accurate information as much as possible. For more information, visit SunStateHemp.com, and read up on our Frequently Asked Questions.

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