Can I use my 250MG CBD Honey Stick as a Face Mask?

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The short answer is Yes, you absolutely can!

Simply open one side of Sun State Hemp premium honey sticks and apply it evenly on your face. This is an amazing way to take good care of your skin, a perfect way to revitalize your complexion and help you achieve clearer skin. Sun state hemp CBD honey stick is a powerful way to leave your skin glowing, fresh, and feeling radiant. Not many folks know that honey can do wonders for your skin health.cbd honey sticks

Honey has plenty to offer you beyond being delicious, and CBD is beloved by millions. When it comes to mixing pure Grade A honey with CBD, go right on ahead!

The Sweeter Side of Honey for your Health

The Anti-inflammatory action of honey has been well documented, and I feel that the combination of CBD with honey is exactly what I need after a long and stressful day.

Honey has been used since ancient times to help us with our own health and wellbeing. Notably, honey has natural antibacterial qualities. Honey also can help protect the body from damage caused by bacteria. Other kinds of honey can boost the production of special cells that repair tissue damaged by infection.

Another way to get the best of our CBD honey sticks is to consume them directly or mix them with tea or coffee. In fact, just about any drink that could use a little extra sweetness (and CBD) will do! Our honey sticks are easy to blend into your favorite food or beverage.

There are endless ways to use our sun state hemp CBD honey sticks, and one of my personal favorites is to use it as a topical to get that glowing skin feeling. I’ve also found that enjoying this mix of honey and CBD is a nice natural way to support my body against the everyday kind of aches and pains.

Delicious, Nutritious, and Packed with Pure CBD

Our CBD honey sticks can be used in a variety of ways. It can even be used as a lip balm to moisturize dry lips, or even when baking! If you’ve got a recipe that calls for honey, why not enjoy it with pure CBD too?

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