How to buy CBD Oil Wholesale? A Quick Guide

CBD Oil product for wholesale

For brands trying to take their steps into the CBD market, the field can look daunting. Fortunately, Sun State Hemp is well-placed to help guide you in your purchases and offer advice on the benefits and methods when it comes to buying CBD. Read on as we offer a quick guide to making the informed decisions for your business on How to buy CBD Oil Wholesale.

1 – Managing Risk with Research

Simply put, the best place to start is with plenty of detailed research – you will need plenty of info before going into the wholesale side of CBD properly. Consider your customers and their interest in CBD, understand their financial needs and your ability to meet their expectations. Consider what products you want to offer and how those support the needs of your customers. Prices and profit margins, sources for CBD, inventory management, local regulations, it all requires research. That’s probably why you’re here now, but it’s worth reiterating – any research and planning ahead is worth it if you can avoid some costly headaches down the line. Kush.com has a great article on pricing CBD and how it’s done, which is well recommended.

2 – Product Options

CBD, in a nutshell, can be consumed in almost any form- yes, including nuts. When product options seem nearly unlimited, it can be difficult for newcomers to wholesale CBD oil to grasp. Topicals? Edibles? Oils? Vape? Drinks? Oh yeah, you can find a supplier for it.

Our advice? Focus on your brand, what makes it stand out to customers, and build it with reliability, trustworthiness, and affordable value. When customers leave reviews, others listen closely. A good name matters, but so do quality ingredients and ensuring products are manufactured in safe, clean environments.

3 – Reputable Suppliers

A Reputable supplier can hard to find, even when you know what products you want to purchase. Consider manufacturers who offer products made in GMP-certified or FDA-registered facilities. When it comes to picking products, safety is paramount. Customers that trust your brand will be keen on coming back.

When shopping CBD products, one of the best things to look for is lab reports. Independent, third-party lab reports offer greater peace of mind for customers trying to be certain that what they purchased is what’s on the label. Make sure you’re buying from a brand that provides lab reports freely on their site, and that the results match what’s on the label. This goes for wholesale CBD and for regular retail customers alike!

4 – Quality and Compliance

You might think now you’re more comfortable with understanding how to buy CBD oil wholesale, but there’s on last topic to cover: quality, and compliance. The simple fact is, the FDA hasn’t approved regular CBD oil products for over the counter or retail use. It’s an unregulated product in an industry with patchy laws and a lot of grey area. Even though the 2018 Farm Bill broadly legalized hemp products, the industry has still had to contend with a lot of change. With that in mind, always stay on top of the laws and regulations in your region. Purchasing wholesale CBD oil might be as easy as calling up your preferred manufacturer, or it might require a lot more paperwork to get set up. Still, the changing industry always means there is opportunity to make your step into the market.

How to buy CBD Oil Wholesale the easy way? Call Sun State Hemp!

Of course, there’s always the easy way to get started in Wholesale CBD – give us a call, or register at this page to make the going process a lot easier. GMP-Certified products, independent lab testing, American-made products are just a few clicks away.

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