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Sun State: Can CBD Oil Get You High?

There’s a lot of confusion and misleading information out there about cannabidiol, or CBD, and how it differs from its close cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Both are cannabinoids found in different types of cannabis plants, but of the two, THC is more famous. Everyone knows that THC, the most prominent cannabinoid in marijuana, is responsible for several psychoactive effects, and so people sometimes shy away from CBD, fearing that it may also be capable of producing a similar high. But can CBD get you high? 

The short answer is no, so don’t worry about losing your sense of time or developing the munchies every time you swallow a CBD gummy. However, the long answer is a bit more complicated. 

Hemp vs. marijuana

We’ve established that CBD by itself cannot get you high, however, you do need to pay close attention to what CBD products you buy. Just because CBD is more prominent in hemp and THC is more prominent in marijuana doesn’t mean the two don’t frequently show up together. Many hemp strains contain trace amounts of THC (CBD products containing below 0.3% THC are widely available though their legality in some states and municipalities is still a little murky). Some hemp plants are grown with higher concentrations of THC in mind, so depending on where you buy from, you may end up with a CBD product that has more than the 0.3% limit of THC content. This is where closely reading labels and lab reports can come to your rescue. 

CBD and drug tests

Another common question is whether or not regular use of CBD can show up on a drug test. Again, we have a short answer and a long one. Yes, drug tests can detect CBD, but you’re unlikely to have any cause for worry. The drug tests used by employers and the legal system are normally fine-tuned to catch Delta-9-THC, not CBD. It is possible to test specifically for CBD, but this isn’t commonly done as THC tests are the most common standard. 

Failing a THC drug test due to CBD oil use is still possible. Again, you have to pay close attention to the contents of the CBD oil you buy. If it has a smidge too much THC in it and you use a large amount, you could potentially wind up with a positive drug test result. Sticking to CBD Isolate products can also be a way to minimize your potential THC intake, as when properly formulated these products often have 99% or greater purity.

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