Surprising Facts about How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs

In recent years, cannabidiol, or CBD, has taken the world by storm. The hemp plant has truly set out on a journey away from an unfairly-maligned reputation to one of real recognition, especially in regards to how we now approach CBD. CBD has been approved for use as an anti-seizure drug in humans, and has become a major part of the wellness routine for many. From gummies to tinctures to creams, CBD has something for almost anyone.

But did you know CBD can be used with your pets, too? When you stick with a trusted brand like Sun State Hemp, CBD can be a welcome addition for your beloved furry friend. Here are some of the more surprising facts about using CBD oil for dogs.

CBD can assist with your dog’s appetite

Most people are aware of the soothing qualities of CBD oil. But the power of this cannabinoid doesn’t stop there. A dog that’s relaxed and comfortable is more amenable to snacks and eating, especially if they’re feeling nauseous or stressed. All the CBD we use in our Pet products is non-toxic, so you can rest easy. Our CBD Tinctures, like our Full Spectrum Bacon-Flavored Tincture, offer a no-chewing-needed way to give CBD to your faithful hound.

If your veterinarian has given you the go ahead to start your dog on CBD, don’t be surprised when they get their taste for treats back! Of course there are a variety of reasons why a dog may have little to no appetite, so be sure you bring it up with your veterinarian.

CBD can ease Anxious feelings

Dogs are just like people in that they can suffer from feeling anxious, stressed, and more. The trouble is, it can be difficult to help dogs that suffer from these problems. After all, humans can talk about their problems and even pursue therapy, whereas dogs cannot. Life would be so much easier if you could just explain to your little Fido that things like thunderstorms and fireworks are completely harmless, wouldn’t it?

Most dogs are sensitive to noise to some degree. For years, people have been giving medication to their pets in anticipation of predicted thunderstorms and celebrations like the Fourth of July. Most of these prescription drugs are nothing more than a sedative, which won’t actually calm the dog, but instead just make them too sedate to act on their anxiety. More recently, the availability of CBD oil for dogs has risen dramatically. CBD’s soothing qualities are what makes it such an ideal choice, as it does more to truly ease those anxious feelings.

But remember that CBD is not a quick-acting substance. Before those loud noises arrive, our Flavored Pet Tinctures can be a great way for your pet to feel relaxed before they have to deal with those stresses.

CBD is incredible versatile

One of the most useful aspects of CBD for Pets is in the numerous ways it can be enjoyed by your four-legged companion. Just like CBD for normal consumption, CBD for Pets comes in many shapes and sizes. Many people may immediately run to tinctures, but that’s not the only method for helping your faithful friend enjoy CBD. 

Our CBD Steak Treats for Dogs make for a great treat, with their chewy texture and real meat aroma, and are filled with top-quality, hemp-derived CBD. We offer a whole host of flavors, like Pigs in a Blanket and Jerky Strips. We even offer CBD Seafood Treats for Cats so your favorite feline can enjoy snackable CBD. These treats are great at-home as a reward for good behavior and keeping your furry family member on their CBD routine.

It’s not just edible CBD that we offer either: Our CBD Pet Spray is incredibly easy to use, whether you spray directly in your pet’s mouth or on their food and water. Although it may not have the same immediate appeal as treats, it can be quite useful for older pets that may have issues in eating snacks. 

CBD for your Dog isn’t a one-size fits all category, and care should always be taken with regards to the specific needs and wellness concerns of your pet. With the appropriate guidance from your veterinarian, including CBD for your Dog can be a simple – and even delicious – inclusion in their regimen.

Consult your Veterinarian

We want to stress that you should be speaking with your veterinarian first and foremost. THC, the primary cannabinoid in marijuana, can be dangerous for pets. It is vital that the CBD products given to dogs or cats be sourced exclusively from responsibly-grown industry hemp and sold by reliable, trustworthy CBD brands like here at Sun State Hemp.

If you are interested in using CBD to help your furry friend, be sure to discuss it with your veterinarian and use only the CBD products that they explicitly recommend. Purchasing CBD from your local store without veterinary consultation could harm your pet. 

And never diagnose your own pet. If you suspect your dog is in pain or overly anxious and you want to try CBD, be sure you have them examined by your veterinarian before beginning a CBD regimen. Your veterinarian may have a different course of action they wish for you to follow. 

For more information on the many benefits and applications of CBD, visit SunStateHemp.com.

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