Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 💕

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat that special someone to the perfect gift – and by the perfect gift, we mean all-natural, hemp-derived CBD! But sometimes our plans to show how we feel can get more muddled than a mojito on single’s night. Will all the pressure on this holiday, how can you be sure your well-intentioned gesture won’t fall flat?

Sun State Hemp is here to help. We’ve got our totally-accurate, foolproof gift guide that’s sure to put a smile on their face and leave them feeling cherished. Check out our ultimate His and Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Guide below!

Gifts for Him

Is he your sweetheart?

He’s a cutie, a sensitive soul who loves his dog. There’re at least three comfy sweaters you’ve ‘borrowed’ from his closet and he never asks for them back. When he says your name you just melt inside, and there’s nothing better on a rainy day than cuddling up on the couch with him under a warm blanket.

If any of these made you go ‘that’s him!’,

He might like…

Our Blue Raspberry CBD Gummies, because your sweet guy deserves a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day!

Is he an on-the-go guy?

He works hard, and you know it. He breathes ambition, and he doesn’t believe in luck but in effort. He’s cooking dinner every night and goes jogging every morning. He never settles for second best in anything he does, and the two of you are inseparable, whether it’s at the gym or road-tripping every weekend.

If any of these made you go ‘that’s him!’,

He might like…

Our Quickfix CBD shots are the perfect way to let him enjoy CBD wherever he goes. And when he’s giving 110%, our Roll-On Muscle & Joint Cream with help him relax and recuperate without feel burned-out.

Is he a stylish stud?

It’s hard to believe it but he dresses as good as you. He smells like sandalwood and lemongrass, and lets you use his shampoo because it’s even nicer than yours. He has an eye for detail, and a thoughtfulness that always manages to surprise you. You both love going out, whether it’s a 90s grunge rave or to the hottest brunch spot downtown.

If any of these made you go ‘that’s him!’,

He might like…

Our rejuvenating face serum includes pure CBD and rich vitamin C for that hydrated, radiant glow. Plus, we know he won’t be able to resist our CBD Lip Balm – and after one kiss you won’t be able to either! Natural CBD Hemp Oil makes his lips a dream.

Gifts for Her

Is she a spa savant?

She’s a stand-tall woman who enjoys the good things in life, and especially loves to be pampered. She only expects the best, and gives everything to accomplishing her dreams. She lives for vacations to New York and Paris, or chilling on the beach with a perfect tan. You two enjoy the finer things because you both work hard at achieving those things, and everyone agrees – you’re a power couple in all the right ways.

If any of these made you go ‘that’s her!’,

She might like…

Our CBD Massage Oil will take her breath away with its rich blend of lavender and grapefruit essential oils and all-natural CBD. And when she’s really needing to relax, treat her to our Sensual Bath Bomb for relaxation that’s effortless. A heavenly mix of Tangerine, Sweet Oranges, and Cedarwood will have her feeling loved.

Is she your honey darling?

She’s a ray of light in your life. She builds you up when you’re feeling low, she’s got a style that’s totally unique, and practically radiates sunshine. She’s always remembering the things you forget and even your best friends are telling you she’s a keeper. She’s an arts and crafts guru who appreciates the little things you do, and every day with her is fun and spontaneous.

If any of these made you go ‘that’s her!’,

She might like…

Our tasty CBD Honey Sticks are the perfect sweet treat for the sweetest woman you know. And if she’s not just your honey darling but also the apple of your eye – our Full Spectrum CBD Apple Rings are a must for the woman who makes you smile.

Is she your wonder woman?

She’s an unstoppable super hero – a woman who accomplishes the impossible on a daily basis. She’s got unlimited energy and somehow always manages to make time for you. She’s a blog queen, a master chef, and has the BEST dance moves. You admire her and respect her for her drive and her talent, and it inspires you to be better in everything you do.

If any of these made you go ‘that’s her!’,

She might like…

Our soothing Hemp + Arnica Balm is perfect for helping her recover. After all, she works hard and deserves the right kind of care. Plus, there’s our CBD-Infused Medium Roast Coffee – because her rise and shine is a total super power!

And lastly, if the love is in the air…

Our CBD-infused personal lubricant for him and her is sure to make for a smooth and satisfying night!

We wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!



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