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Is CBD a powerful sex enhancer? Does it really work?

CBD and sex

I Decided to Use CBD as a sexual enhancer

Here is my journey exploring CBD as a sexual enhancer.

Sun State Hemp’s full spectrum infused CBD can be a powerful product to use along with your partner to help you naturally get in the mood. If you have a partner, finding the right aid can be a fantastic way to spice things up.

First, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone is going to feel the same way with CBD, and that’s okay! Everyone will have different experiences with it. Still, with the right product and natural CBD, it may help you naturally get your Mojo back.

Can CBD improve your arousal and really get you turned on?

Personal story time: I offered my friend who was traveling on a skiing trip to Vail, Colorado a 1000MG CBD tincture as well as our Full Spectrum CBD Clear Bear gummies. I figured she’d enjoy a relaxed flight after all the stress of travelling. She took the drops, swallowed two gummies (at 15mg per gummy) and went on her flight.

Her confession last week was that the entire flight was just an incredible experience. She revealed she took the drops of CBD and 30MG of full spectrum gummies, and for the duration of the entire flight, she said she was definitely feeling ‘in the mood’.

Another good friend just hit 60 years old, and went on a date he had arranged on a dating site. The two got along so well that on the third date, they went ahead and tried each some of our CBD gummies.

The next day I got a call from my friend and he was, to say the least, excited to tell me the story.  He confirmed it was by far the best sex he had in a long time, for the both of them.

So what are you waiting for? go ahead and give CBD a try.

It can be incredibly frustrating feeling getting stuck in a relationship where both partners don’t feel a sexual spark like they used to. If CBD works for you to loosen up these feelings then by all means, go for it!

felling good with CBD sour bear gummies

Does CBD Lowers Your Inhibitions?

For quite a few people, having sex can be a stressful or uncomfortable experience. Even if they’re experienced with doing so or are in a relationship, sex can present myriad challenges. For some individuals, it takes a little extra in order to feel comfortable. Such a person might have a negative image of their body, or they are ashamed of getting seen by anyone.

CBD can’t guarantee that you will want to overcome your sex inhibitions. However, it can offer a lot of relaxation and greater comfort, and put you more at ease for when the moment comes. We all deserve to be happy and be comfortable in our own skin. You might just find that enjoying CBD can provide this sense of relaxation and readiness that you’ll want for enjoying intimacy.

Does CBD Increase Your Sense of Touch?

Touch has huge romance value, but for those who struggle with connecting physically, trying to engage with a partner who values this can find it stressful and mentally switch off. It may make your experience clumsy, and can lead to things getting cold with a partner.

One of the ways to increase your sensitivity to touch is by consuming CBD. By feeling more relaxed, you may notice an increase in sensitivity, which can definitely help in the bedroom. However, increased sensitivity may be undesirable or overstimulating, so it’s worth finding the right balance that works for you.

felling good with CBD intimacy products from sun state hemp

Can CBD Increase Your Imagination

Often times, we get horny from just picturing scenes. With an vivid imagination, our minds can often into different areas, exploring all possible sex positions or combinations we never dared  try. But without this desire, and only being focused on the things that stress us out, it can minimize our sex drive.

Ingesting CBD regularly has impacts on your mood and your mental wellbeing through the Endocannabinoid System. In this system, cannabinoids naturally stimulate receptors in the brain, including those that affect arousal and creativity. With CBD, you may feel more relaxed and curious as it supports the regular interactions of the Endocannabinoid System.

CBD 200MG shots

CBD Comes In Many Shapes and Forms:

Sun State Hemp CBD  products are incredibly  versatile.. For a higher concentration, you can consider tinctures (also known as ‘drops’) sublingually, as they have can come in concentrations up to the many thousands. If you’re more interested in edibles, consider capsules or gummies. These products may have a lower concentration, but can be tastier or more exciting than a drop of infused oil.

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes one of those is finding a natural way to restore balance to your sex life. Make CBD your favorite choice to offer natural support for your health and pleasure. Why not spice things up with a relaxing massage, or ensure a smooth experience with our CBD-infused Personal Lubricant?

Let Sun State Hemp support you in your journey of sexual satisfaction and discovery!

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