CBD Holiday Gift Guide

December comes around and most people are rushing to grab everything to have a perfect holiday experience. Sun State Hemp is always here to help you get your gifts in order. 

For the Anxious Worrier

The holiday season can be filled with tension, especially for those with anxiety. Our CBD tinctures are here to give you a break from the holiday stress. Try our Peppermint flavor tincture for a fresh sense of calm.

For your Brother’s Sweet Tooth

Sweet & tangy meets CBD in our scrumptious Sun State Hemp Gummies. They are sure to be a hit at any holiday party!

For the Health Nut

Holidays can be hard on those who are vegan. Luckily, Sun State Hemp has got you covered in the sugar department. Our vegan gummies are 100% approved by animals.

For Man’s Best Friend

You can’t forget about man’s best friend this holiday season! Our selection of pet treats come in a wide variety of flavors. Your pet will jump for joy under the mistletoe!

For your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is a trooper and you know it. Grab her the gift of less stress this holiday season. Our Sensual bath bomb is sure to leave you both in bliss.

For Mama

Mama is overworked, overstressed and underappreciated. Show her love with Sun State Hemp’s Face Serum and watch her smile from ear to ear. You’re welcome.

For the Caffeine Fanatic

Gather your loved ones around the fire with Sun State Hemp CBD Pumpkin Spice coffee

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