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CBG Will Transform Your Cannabinoid Experience: Here’s why I fell in love with CBG

No wonder it is called the mother of all Cannabinoids…

Imagine if I came to you and shouted that I had discovered a natural product that potentially could play a role in enhancing pleasure and motivation, regulating appetite and sleep, and support practically every natural function your body does to keep well. I wouldn’t blame you if you told me that I was dreaming. Come to find out, CBG is an incredible natural product. The reason for it is that CBG interacts with something called the Endocannabinoid System (or ECS), which helps with the regulation of healthy bodily functions, including mood, immune system, appetite, sleep, and more.

Hemp-derived CBG, as a cannabinoid, interacts with the ECS in ways similar to endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are just molecules made in your body that do the real “heavy lifting” of the ECS. It is believed that CBG, alongside other cannabinoids like CBD, mimic the effects on endocannabinoids to offer similar support for your health and wellbeing.

When it comes to emotional well-being and stress management, CBG may be even more effective than CBD. According to recent research on CBG, it would help to stabilize intraocular pressure, thus avoiding the problems of ocular hypertension which lead to poor circulation of blood to the optic nerves, ultimately affecting vision and leading to diseases such as glaucoma.

CBG offers more potential than any cannabinoid I’ve ever seen

Personal Story Time: The first time I tried CBG, I had a sort of epiphany, an out-of-body experience. it was early morning and I’d had a bad night’s sleep. It didn’t help that I was going through a stressful period in my life. I would wake up agitated and tired, and on the recommendation of a good friend, I decided to give CBG Softgels a try.

The ones I picked were in fact from Sun State Hemp – they’re a brand I trust, that always provides third-party lab testing and is on point when it comes to their CBD products. I highly recommend it before going for a workout, as I certainly felt relaxed all the way through my usual routine. If you don’t care for the Softgels, I would recommend their CBG Tinctures. Sun State Hemp’s CBG products are blended with CBD so you can enjoy a balance between both cannabinoids.

CBG itself is the main cannabinoid responsible for some other ones we see in Hemp. When exposed to UV light, CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) breaks down in THCA and CBDA, essentially the acid precursors to CBD/THC. CBG itself is only present in minor concentrations, but it binds uniquely in the body. It binds effectively to C1 and C2 receptors. Unlike either THC/CBD which usually bonds to only one or the other, CBG can bond with both. Better still, it doesn’t get you “high” like THC. As such, it’s become quite popular as a versatile cannabinoid.

Besides helping to relax, CBG oil can also be used as a muscle relaxant. Being a much better GABA reuptake inhibitor than CBD or THC, cannabigerol relieves discomfort in a natural way.

What are you waiting for? 

CBG is undeniably a game-changer. CBG itself is non-psychoactive, yet shows an ability to bind with other receptors that some cannabinoids just don’t. It’s a bold new cannabinoid that needs more recognition for its potential. If you’re looking for more CBG, head on over to Sun State Hemp. They’ve got plenty to offer, all at great prices. They also other cannabinoids like CBD, Delta 8, brand-new HHC, and more.

CBG – some pretty cool stuff… 


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