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Surprising Facts about How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs

In recent years, cannabidiol, or CBD, has taken the world by storm. With increased interest concerning the medical uses of marijuana, its close cousin, the hemp plant, has been getting its share of the limelight. CBD has been approved for use as an anti-seizure drugin humans. Many studies suggest it may also help with anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain.

But did you know CBD can help your pets, too? With proper veterinary supervision, CBD can be used to manage several conditions in dogs and even cats. Here are some of the more surprising facts about using CBD oil for dogs.

CBD can boost your dog’s appetite

Most people are aware of the pain-relieving qualities of CBD oil in both humans and animals. But the benefits of this cannabinoid don’t stop there. A loss of appetite in pets is often due to pain or nausea. With CBD relieving those symptoms, dogs may see an increased appetite.

If your veterinarian has given you the go ahead to start your dog on CBD, don’t be surprised when they get their taste for treats back! Of course there are other reasonswhy a dog may have little to no appetite, so be sure you bring it up with your veterinarian.

CBD can calm an anxious dog

Dogs are just like people in that they can suffer from anxiety, depression and many other mental and emotional disorders. The trouble is, it can be difficult to help dogs that suffer from these problems. After all, humans can talk about their problems and even pursue therapy, whereas dogs cannot. Life would be so much easier if you could just explain to your little Fido that things like thunderstorms and fireworks are completely harmless, wouldn’t it?

Most dogs are sensitive to noise to some degree, and close to half of all domestic dogssuffer from noise-induced anxiety at least some of the time. For years, people have been giving medication to their pets in anticipation of predicted thunderstorms and celebrations like the Fourth of July. Most of these prescription drugs are nothing more than a sedative, which won’t actually calm the dog, but instead just make them too sedate to act on their anxiety. More recently, however, many veterinarians are recommending CBD oil for dogs with anxiety problems, as it appears to actually ease their anxiety, rather than just mask it.

But remember that CBD is not a quick-acting substance and won’t do much good if administered ex post facto. Instead dogs with severe anxiety are put on a daily dose of CBD oil to prevent and lessen anxiety attacks.

Dogs get arthritis too

It’s not at all uncommon for dogs, especially large breed dogs, to get arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the more common type of arthritis in both humans and our furry friends. Osteoarthritisoccurs when the cartilage has worn away, leaving bone to rub against bone. This leads to horrible pain, stiffness, and inflammation. A dog suffering from arthritis will see their quality of life decrease and will be susceptible to weight problems due to lessened activity. There are several pain relievers on the market for dogs that can help relieve arthritis pain, but they come with a host of side effects.

Since arthritis is more likely to strike an older dog than a younger one, it leaves pet owners in the predicament of risking the health of their dog’s liver in order to alleviate their pain, as most chronic pain medicine in dogs does carry the risk of organ damage. CBD is not known to carry any such risks and has shown promiseas a pain reliever for dogs experiencing chronic pain from inflammatory issues such as arthritis.

Consult your Veterinarian

This cannot be stressed enough. THC, the primary cannabinoid in marijuana, can be extremely dangerous to petswho eat it, or even just breathe in secondhand marijuana smoke from their owners. Because CBD can be sourced from either hemp or marijuana, it is vital that the CBD products given to dogs or cats be sourced exclusively from hemp so they contain no THC.

If you are interested in using CBD to help your furry friend, be sure to discuss it with your veterinarian and use only the CBD products that they explicitly recommend. Ordering a random brand of CBD online or purchasing from a human dispensary without veterinary consultation could harm your pet. The CBD industry is largely unregulated and some labels can be unclear or deceiving. Only administer CBD that your veterinarian has okayed.

And never diagnose your own pet. If you suspect your dog is in pain or overly anxious and you want to try CBD, be sure you have them examined by your veterinarian before beginning a CBD regimen. Your veterinarian may have a different course of action they wish for you to follow.

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