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What are CBD Gummies?

For a lot of people, CBD gummies are a godsend. For others, a point of contention. But before we delve too much into the uses of CBD-infused candies, let’s be clear about what exactly CBD is. There’s a chance you’ve never heard of it before, or if you have, you may still be unaware of the exact nature of CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym. It stands for cannabid oil, and it comes from hemp, which is not the same thing as marijuana. In fact, marijuana and hemp are cousins with hemp definitely being the more accepted of the two. Hemp is legal nationwide and you can find it in just about anything: lotions, cosmetics, chocolates, bath products and of course, gummies. There is nothing in cannabid oil that can get you high (THC only hangs out in marijuana, not hemp) so it is not subject to anywhere near the regulations of similar products.

What is CBD used for?

So why does CBD keep showing up everywhere? If it doesn’t get you high, then why are people so interested? Well there are many properties to CBD that people find beneficial. Some are backed by peer-reviewed scientific studies and others are more reliant on anecdotal evidence.

  • Seizure Reduction
    The New England Journal of medicine was the first to confirm what had long been suspected: that CBD could aid in the reduction of seizures. Their double-blind, placebo-controlled trial showed that, when added to patients’ regular anti-seizure treatments, CBD decreased the seizure rate in epileptics.
  • Pain Relief
    CBD seems to ease pain by lowering inflammation. The results have been proven in laboratory rodents and continuing research is exploring the applications in human patients. In the meantime, many people get relief from chronic pain with small doses of CBD.
  • Anxiety Relief
    Many people who find they just can’t stop their minds from panicking get relief from CBD. For a long time, only the physical benefits of CBD were known, but increasingly we are seeing possible applications in the realm of mental health, as well. Studies have suggested that CBD can be helpful for anxiety and many people’s personal accounts confirm this. However, more research is being conducted in order to arrive at an official conclusion.
  • Diabetes Risk Reduction
    The possibility of CBD helping to prevent diabetes is promising. Though testing has not yet reached a human level, rates of the disease in diabetes-prone mice have been lowered by exposure to CBD. And while mice are not humans, they are mammals, meaning there is at least a possibility that these results could be replicated in humans.
  • Insomnia Treatment
    One of the more popular uses of CBD is to ease insomnia. For people whose insomnia is a result of anxiety, doses of CBD can help ease the mind and allow sleep to happen. This has the added benefit of indirectly relieving most issues associated with sleep deprivation.
  • Anti-Cancer properties
    Lab testing has shown some promise as to the anti-tumor qualities of CBD. While far from conclusive, research continues into the possible uses of CBD for cancer treatment.

CBD Gummies

So where do CBD gummies fit into all this? CBD gummies are one of the easiest and most direct ways to get CBD. Most come with concentrations of 10-20mg. They look like gummy bears and they usually don’t taste bad (depending on your tastes, of course). You can buy them online if you don’t have a local distributor and they won’t break your bank account. It’s a win-win for anyone who just needs a little help calming their brain down at night or easing some minor inflammation.

  • How to buy the right CBD gummies
    Don’t waste your money on expensive candies that aren’t going to give you the help you need. There is a world of difference between good CBD gummies and the cheap stuff. There are two main factors to look out for.
  • CBD Quality
    It seems obvious, but you want to get your gummies from a company that uses a full spectrum of CBD oil which has all the compounds of the hemp plant. Some companies will try to cut corners by using only isolated molecules of CBD and you may not get good results from these products.
  • CBD Infusion
    It’s also important to know how the CBD is getting into your gummies. Some companies literally spray it on, rather than infusing it into the candies by hand, and it probably goes without saying which process leads to the better product.

It should also be noted that CBD is not a magical cure for your problems. If you’re in pain or having trouble sleeping, then you should still see a doctor first to make sure there isn’t something serious going on that needs more drastic medical attention. If not, then happy gummy-hunting!

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